Johnny Test Pornography Story: It Had to Be a Cat Chapter Five

Johnny Test Pornography Story: It Had to Be a Cat Chapter Five

5: More Problems for Johnny

Johnny and Dukey quickly arrived to the main kitchen of the mansion
in effort to desperately find Mister Whiskers. As the two entered
the main kitchen of the mansion, the head chief noticed the two.

you must be that unpopular flaming-headed boy Janets been
blathering about whenever she comes here to have a snack? said the
head chief.

did you happen to see a white cat go by here? asked Johnny who was
in a bit of a hurry.

come on, I can always give you two some special brand coffee we have
here replied the head chief, something to keep you at least
going while you search for Miss Nelsons cat.

that two of your special fine mochas, I short of need my energy as
well added Dukey.

said the head chief as he was making the mocha coffees for the two
which he then began to look at Dukey, do I know you from
somewhere? A new butler?

yeah, Im a butler with a rare hair disorder replied Dukey,
its only a temporary job here for me.

here you go said the head chief as he gave the two their mocha
coffees, hope you find that cat. The last time an unpopular kid
tried to impress her, her cat nearly destroyed this mansion.

worry, Ill find where that pesky feline went to said Johnny.

luck on that replied the head chief as the two went off.

both Johnny and Dukey went off while sipping their coffee, Mister
Mittens secretly was hiding behind some boxes and overheard the

all I need to do is find a way to destroy the mansion, and make
Johnny look bad laughed Mister Mittens, works good enough for

at Mister Mittens hideout, Mister Whiskers was having quite a
comfortable life with Mister Mittens butler providing him food.
Along with also Mister Whiskers being a bit more considerate than his
brother in not complaining that much.

this is the life of someone who is suppose to be an evil cat genius
like my brother? asked Mister Whiskers.

yes sir replied the butler, and I grow so tired of always
having to obey his rules. If there was some sort of a way I can
ensure hell never bother me again, I would take up that offer.

a second, I got an idea replied Mister Whiskers, my brother
stole my rich, wealthy life away from me. Well, why not have me go
and destroy the mansion, like I believe one time I did before with
some other kid, then hell be taken away from that horrible former
master of mine.

youd say youll get rid of your brother for good? asked the

if I were a human and I saw my pet feline destroy the entire place I
would certainly get rid of him replied Mister Whiskers.

before Mister Whiskers could ever come up with a plan, the
communicator on the butler then began to ring to which the butler
picked it up.

listen up said Mister Mittens to his butler, I need you to send
me a few of my destructive weapons I have laying around my hideout in
the basement. I need to destroy the mansion to ruin the Test boys
life forever.

away sir replied the butler.

you go an do that said Mister Whiskers as the butler hung up the
communicator, I have another idea, just give me a paint can of the
color of my brothers former fur color, and I think Ill be able
to confuse a few heads or two.

do just that sir added the butler as he left the scene.

in the mansion, Johnny and Dukey were still trying to search for
Mister Whiskers as they searched everywhere, Mister Mittens appeared
right above a self of pans.

think I sense hes nearby said Dukey as he began to sniff the
area and then spotted the white cat.

great, not this again! cried Johnny.

see if you can handle something like this! laughed Mister Mittens
as he pushed down some pans.

pans then immediately came tumbling down, which Mister Mittens then
promptly then headed toward the fine china that was nearby.

bet this is quite expensive to replace! laughed Mister Mittens and
with one tip of the paw began to throw the fine china right down to
the ground hoping to hear a crash.

worry, I got it! cried Dukey.

immediately leaped where the fine china plates were falling. He
caught the first one with his mouth like a frisbee and from there
began to catch the other falling fine china.

shot! cried Mister Mittens as he was quite angry that his scheme
wasnt working.

a second, I heard that cat talk added Johnny.

should I know if that cat talked? asked Dukey who was still
holding the fine china in his mouth.

only way were going to prove my point is that we capture that cat
said Johnny, come on, I got a plan.

for me said Dukey as he placed the fine china on the table nearby.

theyre leaving?! cried Mister Mittens, Just what in the
world is that Test boy, and his talking dog are up to?

Mittens then leaped right down and started to follow the two where
Johnny was going to make his plan to capture Mister Whiskers. As the
evil genius cat peaked around the corner, a laundry basket fell right
on him with Dukey immediately getting on top of it.

got him! cried Dukey.

thing we also wondered into the laundry room of the mansion added
Johnny, now lets see if this really is Mister Whiskers or just
some evil genius, crazy talking cat who wants to ruin my chance with

kid, you got me! cried Mister Mittens as he confessed, Im
not Mister Whiskers, Mister Whiskers is my brother, I thought if I
could switch places with him and cause trouble, I would ruin chances
for you with that girl you mentioned.

ha, so you WERE trying to ruin my chance with Janet, so where is
Mister Whiskers then? asked Johnny, Where?

how about him being on that rocket coming right toward the window!
cried Mister Mittens.

didnt see this coming! cried both Johnny and Dukey, Run!

the three quickly ran out of the way, the rocket immediately crashed
right through the window and wrecking a good portion of the mansion
itself. Mister Whiskers was really in disguise of Mister Mittens,
his brother who was with his butler.

going to make you pay brother, my getting rid of you after you tried
to take over my life said Mister Whiskers.

now, bro, I was, er trying to bring in an interesting lifestyle for
you, thats all replied Mister Mittens as he began to sweat from
the forehead.

why I have prepared this replied Mister Whiskers as he pressed the
button on the communicator as an emergency call for Janet Nelson Jr.,
and her aunt to arrive on the scene, and thats my cue to hide!

are we going to do! cried Dukey as he was about to tear up his

Janets going to come over and this place is a wreck, Im never
going to get off her Uncool List! added Johnny.

I think I can be a service since its mine fault to begin with
replied Mister Mittens, if youll all just follow my lead that

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