Johnny Test Pornography Story: Sissy Chapter 1

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Sissy Chapter 1

Johnny stared at the
window as a moving van was pulled in front of a house. First, a man
stepped out. He wore a black suit, and had blue eyes, and dark hair.
A woman came out next. She had very long and blonde hair, bright blue
eyes, and wore a brown t-shirt, and dark jeans, plus dark sneakers.
She seemed much more casual then her husband. Then the other door

It was a young girl,
probably the age of 13. She had long blonde hair like her mother, but
had a red streak through it, and her eyes werent the same shade of
blue. She wore a platinum red t-shirt, plus dark blue jeans under a
black jean skirt, and black and blue sneakers. She had four silver
piercings in each ear, and her hair was kept back in a tight

Dukey, Johnny
called for his brown-mutt. His fur had grown much darker in a shade
of brown, but other then that, he looked the same. Johnny also looked
only a little bit different. His hair had pretty much remained the
same, but the red highlights had darkened, and he had lost his
jacket, plus he was taller. He pointed the girl. Is that Sissy?

Dukey looked out the
window. Johnny, thats impossible, Sissy vanished over a year
agobut Ill admit, she does look a little like Sissy.

A little? She looks
like she could be either Sissys twin, or Sissy herself!

What are you yelling
about Johnny? Susan appeared, also looking a different. Her had
had stayed red, her eyes changed to a blue/green color, and she wore
a black t-shirt with a dark blue star on it, and her hair was in a
pony-tail, but she had kept her hairpin, plus her skirt, but lost her
socks, and switched to wedges. And she had gotten rid of her lab
coat, and had gotten contacts. However, today she wore her purple
dress and black high-heels, and her hair was down.

Things had changed
greatly over the last year. All of them had changed their appearance,
if only a little, and Mary had died in a car accident a few months
ago. Gil had found Susan crying, and comforted her. After which, they
had started going out. Not only that, but Sissy had vanished too, and
Janet had moved to another state, plus their mother and father had
divorced, and their father had moved out, leaving their mother to
take care of them, not that it was a problem. No one knew what
happened to Sissy, though. She had completely vanished without a
trace. Not long after, Sissys parents moved to another town.

Theres a new girl
across the street, Johnny explained.

And she looks just
like Sissy! Dukey continued.

Really? Susan
pressed her face against the window. Wow, she does look a lot like

I told you so.
Johnny smirked at Dukey.

Hey, Susan, Gil
knocked on the door; his appearance had hardly changed at all, except
he had grown taller.

Hey, Gil, Susan
smiled. Later Johnny, say hi to that new girl for me. She
walked out of the door, and held Gils hand.

Cmon, Johnny
raced out the door.

Where are we going?
Dukey asked.

To see Sissy, duh!

Johnny, I dont
think thats Sissy. Dukey rolled his eyes, as Johnny didnt
listen, but followed any way.

Hey, Sissy,
Johnny waved. The girl raised an eyebrow.

My names not
Sissy, my name is Rebecca. She smiled.

Dukey ran to behind
him. Johnny, can I talk to for a second? Dukey whispered.
Look, my doggy 6th sense is telling me that theres
something weird about her. I dont trust her.

What? Thats
ridiculous, its just Sissy.

You heard her, her
name is Rebecca, not Sissy, she probably just looks like her.

Thats just it;
she looks too much like Sissy to NOT be her. I know thats Sissy,
and besides, if she isnt Sissy, then wheres the real Sissy?

Dukey didnt have an
answer for that.

You see? That has to
be Sissy.

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