Johnny Test Pornography Story: It Had to Be a Cat – Chapter Two

Johnny Test Pornography Story: It Had to Be a Cat – Chapter Two

2: Janets Request Answered

was finally the right time for Johnny and Dukey to implement their
plan. Dukey would dress up as a janitor for Johnnys school, while
Janet Nelson Jr., and Johnny were in class Dukey would slip the
little robotic fly inside Janets locker. Yet Dukey wasnt quite
sure if the plan was going to go forward.

are you sure this is the right thing to do? asked Dukey who was
just outside the school in a janitors uniform and disguise.

course Dukey, there is nothing thatll go wrong with this plan
replied Johnny, Id find what makes Janet tick, and use it to
get her to like me again.

have a very bad feeling, something will horribly go wrong sighed

the bell rang for class, Johnny immediately left the scene to which
it was now Dukeys turn to find Janet Nelson Jr.s locker. Dukey
searched for about ten minutes which he was just about to give up
when suddenly he turned a corner and found Janet quickly putting away
her books as she was late for the first time in her life.

cant believe it that I was late because of my aunt! cried Janet
as she was putting away her books in her locker, Im certainly
going to get detention for sure!

er, kid I can help you out said Dukey as he overheard Janets
concerns, Ill give you allow to bypass authority so that you
can head to your class, after all you are the most popular kid in

true replied Janet, but I still have a bunch of books I should
be put in my locker by now.

me take care of that for you said Dukey as Janet handed the books
over to him.

for your help, janitor with the hair condition replied Janet as
she then hurried off toward her class.

now, to put this robotic spy fly inside her locker too said Dukey
after he placed the books in the locker, but I need to find some
sort of way so that Janet would not notice it, but what, think Dukey,

Dukey had thought of a wonderful plan as he also noticed there were
photos of kids she use to think that were cool whom were labeled
uncool in her locker. A certain Johnny Test was of course scene on
the list with your average nerdish kids and disgusting bullies such
as Bumper.

know the perfect picture you can be placed on laughed Dukey as he
placed the robotic spy fly on the picture of Bumpers head.

doing that, Dukey then promptly closes the locker. At least two
hours past, and it was finally nutrition for the school. Dukey
immediately went to try to find Johnny who was in the cafeteria
having lunch. Johnny was located in the back of the cafeteria where
most of the unpopular kids were usually forced to get a seat there.
Johnny then immediately took out a small laptop computer which
Bling-Bling Boy had given to him, he then waved toward Dukey who
found his location.

Dukster, did you manage to place that robotic fly in Janets
locker? asked Johnny.

a problem at all replied Dukey, but you wont be happy what
else I found in her locker. Youre on her Uncool List.

then, lets change that replied Johnny as he was turning on the
spy program on the laptop, lets just listen on what makes Janet

scene then changes toward Janets locker which she was trying to
skip nutrition in effort to get her stuff for the next class.

cant believe my aunt has asked me to babysit one of her favorite
cats she always keeps as a pet sighed Janet, Im sure if
there would be someone out there who would babysit that cat for me,
it would be a big help.

at the cafeteria Johnny suddenly had an uneasy feeling on what Janet
really wanted and that was to babysit a cat for which he hated cats
in general.

Johnny, what did Janet have to say on the other line? asked Dukey
as Johnny couldnt believe Janets words over the headphones he
was wearing.

wants someone to babysit a cat! cried Johnny as he then threw the
headphones down, Thats the one thing I wont be able to do!

on Johnny, I know you hate cats, but this might be a chance for you
to get on Janets good side again replied Dukey, I know I
sure wont like it in helping you, but since youre my master I
have no other choice.

then lets go and fulfill Janets request said Johnny as he
changed his mood a bit.

was only a few more minutes of nutrition left to which case, Johnny
rushed from his seat at the cafeteria to go and find Johnny.

great, now just who has to take care of this spy stuff sighed

dashed through the hallways of the school and finally ran right into
Janet herself who was on her way to class. She was quite upset that
Johnny, who was on her Uncool List was going to get her into further

where youre going dork! barked Janet.

I know you have been having a bad day and all replied Johnny.

Im having a rotten day, thanks to you continued Janet.

I want to make it easier on you interrupted Johnny.

how the heck are you going to do that, I was late because my aunt was
introducing her so-called precious favorite cat who makes all of her
other cats jealous replied Janet, she wants me to babysit her
cat, I can take on babysitting a cat if it werent so spoiled!

let me do it replied Johnny as he then began to sweat on a subject
he didnt like which were cats, Ill be happy to babysit your

well, it would give me more time to be with my popular friends,
alright replied Janet, Ill also pay you a hefty sum of cash
if you do it and get you off my Uncool List.

and thats just what I wanted replied Johnny.

Janet left the scene, Johnny wasnt the only one who was spying on
Janet but also a certain Mister Mittens and his butler in their swamp

Johnny hates cats, but hes willing to babysit Janet Nelson Jr.s
cats, isnt it a good thing that I managed to get this hi-tech
spying technology? asked Mister Mittens.

sir, theyre wonderful resources replied the butler.

go and get a look on Janet Nelsons aunts favorite cat said
Mister Mittens as he then pressed the button on the computer console
which propped up a database of cats.

scene on the computer then immediately changes toward an image of a
cat that looked just like Mister Mittens to which Mittens suddenly
realized this cat was really his long-lost brother.

dont believe it! cried Mister Mittens as he noticed the white
chubby cat on the computer screen, This is my long-lost brother!

lost-brother? asked the butler in an astonished mood.

see, when I was a kitten, I was born in a litter with my brother here
being the only white cat making him pretty rare among my kind of
breed replied Mister Mittens.

you wish to switch places and cause trouble for the flaming-headed
boy? asked the butler.

excellent plan! laughed Mister Mittens.

Mittens then continues to make his evil laughter, which then is
echoed all the way to Porkbelly Middle School which only Dukey could
pick up.

now I certainly didnt hear that coming sighed Dukey.

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