Johnny Test Pornography Story: Hottest Bday…EVER!

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Hottest Bday…EVER!

Asleep in his bed the now twelve years old Johnny Test was tossing and turning. For the past few weeks his dreams have been making him sweat, and feel… funny in his most private spot. Yes puberty was starting early for the preteen boy, and it was starting to show. His body was starting to ache from the changes becoming more muscular from all the sport he played, and the only thing stopping him from getting a face full of zits was his genius sisters zit zapping cream. But most of all like said earlier his dreams have become more X-rated. A few times Hugh, Johnny’s father would come down stairs to find him sleeping on the couch with his bedding in the washer. Dukey, Johnny’s faithful talking dog, and best friend has been tried to help him cover the reason behind this to spare Johnny from the birds and the bees talk by Hugh by taking the blame for it, and it wasn’t like Johnny didn’t know what sex was. He might not be the smartest of the Test children but even he knows how to delete the history off the computer after looking up porn, thous adding to his dreams, And tonight would add to his problems as johnny awoke in a wet spot.

“Eww.. Not again!” He said as he woke up Dukey who was in his dog bed. Looking at the clock it was only 4:12am.

“Really! Your going to owe me big for this one! You dad said he would chain me outside if he thinks its me again!”

“Don’t worry I’ll just hide them, and sleep on the floor tonight” with that said He’s collected the bedding and started his way downstars. Heading out the back door he started to shove the bedding under the bushes before heading back inside to take a shower. After dressing in clean PJ’s he started to make a bed on the floor next to Dukey and fell asleep.

Following day

“Good… morning?” Hugh trailed off as he looked over the side of the bed to find Johnny curled up on the floor next to Dukey. Looking at the bed, it was perfectly make with fresh bedding on it. “Son is something wrong?”

Waking, Johnny looked up at his father who had a worried look, then to his bed which he too noticed was made. “No, I’m fine… It was just hot last night so… I slept here.”

“Oh… well that makes since… I guess. Come downstairs, we have a surprise for you.” As his father left the room Johnny turned to Dukey.


“don’t thank me, I didn’t change the bed.”

“Say what?”

“I was sleeping all night. I didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Confused Johnny got out of his makeshift bed and dresses in his famous usual clothing before doing as his father asked and went down stairs to find a cake with a candle shaped as the number twelve, light on top behind him his family yelled out “Happy birth day!” with a light smile he sat down at the table as they sang the Birthday Song. He completely forgot about his own birthday. During the weeks of trying to hide his puberty from everyone he just plan forgot. After the song was over he blow out the candle, and made a wish. As his mother and father went into the other room to talk about a few things, Johnny’s twin sisters Susan, and Mary came up to him.

“You can thank use now.” Mary said

“For what?” Johnny asked

“We covered up the fact you had a wet dream again last night.” Susan answered. Shocked Johnny fell out of the chair.

“W-what? How di-”

“Give use a brake” Started Mary “You’ve been sneaking into the lab to use the Zit Zap Cream, and you started doing your own laundry, which is usually only your bedding.”

“And your voice has been cracking lately.” Finished Susan.

“No it ha-” Slapping his hand over his mouth he found they were right.

“I was nice of Dukey to take the blame for you but after hearing you taking that shower last night we thought we’d share you from having Dukey put outside ever night, and… having to hear dad’s Bird and the Bee’s talk on your birthday.” Susan said after a short laugh at Johnny.

“So consider this your birthday present from use.” Mary quickly finished as both parents came back in the room.

“So were are we going for my birthday?” Johnny asked. “The beach, the jungle, maybe the…”

“Well son… we were thinking about this and…” His father started.

“We didn’t find out till yesterday that your sisters have a science fair they entered and we have to take them.” finished his mother.

“But what about my birthday?” Cried Johnny as he looked over to his sisters who were looking down at the ground.

“Well thats the thing, our birthday present to you is a test to see if we can trust you to be home alone.” Said his father.

“So I have to spend the day alone with Dukey!” Johnny asked as he sat back down at the table.

“Thats another thing… Dukey has to go to the Vet tomorrow, and because were not going to be here, were taking him in tonight.” Said his father

“Also were not just going to be gone for the day… were going to be gone till some time tomorrow night.” his mother said putting her hand on his shoulder. “Were leaving in an hour so we left some money for food, and some rules we want you to follow when were gone.”

“And your sisters locked up the lab tight so no trying to sneak in there! We don’t want what happened last time.” his father said with a small cringe as he thought back to a giant Johnny, with lazier shooting eye’s bursting out of the house.

At first johnny just sat in silents, before he got up an run up the stairs to his room, locking the door behind him. Laying down on his bed he heard his father knocking.

“Johnny? Don’t you want some of your cake? This is the first time I’m letting you have sweets for breakfast.”

He didn’t answer the only thing he heard after that was his father telling him that he was leaving it in the kitchen, and that they were leaving soon. A half hour later he heard the car pull out of the driveway

“Some birthday!” He said to himself, seeing as Dukey was already downstairs. “I get to spend it all alone.” Before he could let himself fall asleep he heard a few tapping sound on his window, followed by someone calling up to him.

“Hey Test!” He knew the voice, it was Sissy Bladely. To Everyone that knew the two would say they were rivals who hated each other. But if you could read Johnny’s mind, you’d know he was in love with her. Also if you could do so though the past weeks you’d know Johnny thought of her in a most intimate of ways. Haunting his dreams she was the star of his preteen sex fantasy’s. It wasn’t helping that she seemed to want to hang out with him more than before as she made him play video games in his room with her, watch tv together, and play sports.

As he made his way to the window he remembered once when they played a game of one-on-one football. He was able to grab her from around her waste and pull her down, landing on top of her. At first it seemed like she was ready to curse him out, but instead they were quite. The feeling of her stomach slowly rising and falling under him, the sweet smell of her perfume, but the one thing that stuck with him that day were her eyes. The signs of submission, longing, and want were there. The two’s faces being so close they could feel the heat of each others breath. He remembered how their lips started to come closer to each other. He was so close he could almost taste her… that was before Bumper came by and started mocking the two.

Opening the window a small rock hit his forehead, followed by a chuckle from the girl, as she held up a game cartage.

“I just got Sword Masters Three, and I bet you don’t stand a chance agents me.” She said putting her hands to her hips. Johnny smirked as he called back “Your on!”

He made his way downstairs, and to the front door were Sissy was waiting for him with a strange smile on her face as she pushed past him. Looking around she called out “Mr. Test? Mrs. Test? I have a note for you.”

“Their gone till tomorrow night.”

“WHAT? B-but what am I suppose to do now?”

“What do you mean?” Sissy handed Johnny the letter that was addressed to his parents. Opening the letter it read.

Dear Howard and Lila

I’m sorry for the short notice but I have to leave for the day on a family matter and I can’t bring Sissy with me. Please allow her to stay with you till I return tomorrow.


(The name was blotched out)

“Oh…” said Johnny as he let the letter drop to the floor.

“I can’t stay home alone!”

“Why not? Besides you have Missy.”

“Missy’s at the pet groomers, and… I-I …”

“What your not afraid of being alone are you” This remark earned Johnny a angry glare from Sissy.

“NO! I-I’m not afraid of something so stupid! I’m going home!” Sissy pushed past Johnny again was just about to leave when she felt him grab her arm.

“Hold on! Y-you still haven’t proven your better than me at Sword Masters. Isn’t that why you came over?”

Both youths looked at each other. Both could feel each had a second objective in mind. To Johnny he knew he was setting himself up for a awkward night, but this was the only chance he’d get in a long time to have Sissy to himself like this. After a few moments of silents Johnny let go of Sissy’s arm, who in turn made her way upstairs. Following her Johnny started to feel a strange tangle in his crotch. His mind started to go into go into all the dreams he had of her. Images of him undressing her, kissing her in places that sent shivers down her spine, the feel of her skin as they fucked. He started to feel a cold sweet as they closed the door and sat in front of the tv set.

A few hours went by, and the two seemed to tie in score. Johnny seemed to calm his lust for the time being, and Sissy seemed to be having fun.

“I’m getting hungry. You got anything to eat?”

“Um… we got cake.”

“Sounds good!” Sissy exclaimed getting up and going to the kitchen as Johnny followed her. Sissy was about to cut the cake when she read the lettering. “When was your birthday?”

“Today actually…”

“Oh… hey Johnny, could you wait in the living room for a second?” Sissy asked with a heavy blush on her face.

“Hu? Um sure i guess…” with that johnny went back out and sat on the couch as he turned on the tv. After a half hour he started to wonder if she left out the back door. “Hey Sissy you ok in there?” After a moment of silents he started to head into the kitchen when he was meet by a half naked Sissy.

His jaw dropped as his eye’s took her in. Her lightning bolt hair was lets down and hanging over her shoulders. She was stripped down to her pink panties, and her Black t-shirt was tied in the front to expose more skin. Her eye’s were fixed on his, she was shaking, nervous, holding her hands behind her back.

“S-Sissy What are you doing!” Johnny finally managed to get out.

“I’m giving you your birthday present…” She wrapped her her arms around his neck, and kissed him lightly, slowly moving herself closer, her mostly bare body pressing up against him. Starting to come out of his shock as he slowly put his hands on her hips, pulling her closer, returning the kiss has he felt her tongue enter his mouth. He welcomed it with his own as the kiss deepen. Johnny moved his hand to the small of her back, lightly brushing the skin causing her to let out a small gasp has she bit his bottom lip in return. Suddenly Johnny broke off the kiss.

“Wait! What’s gotten into you?” he said panting. Sissy flicked her hair out of her eye.

“Don’t you get it Johnny!? All this time I’ve been trying to get close to you, asking to be with me. I-I’ve been trying to get you to… feel the same way I do.” Tears started to fall from her eyes as she stepped closer to him with her eye’s fixed to the floor. “I… I l-lo…”

“I love you Sissy Bladely…” Sissy gasped as she looked back into Johnny’s eye’s, who wiped away a tear from her eye. I loved you sense the day we met” Sissy started to cry again as she fell into his arms, her tears felt hot as they soaked into his shirt. Johnny just held her as she continued. Seconds later she stopped crying and whispered into his ear.

“Well… aren’t you going to finish opening your present?”

Johnny chuckled as he picked her up and carried her bridal style up the stairs and into his room. Setting her down on his bed Sissy moved herself in the center. She watched as Johnny took off his two shirts, and cargo pants. She blushed as he started to clime up to her now naked and was hovering over her. Not sure what to really do Johnny started to copy a sex scene from one of his dad’s private movies as he started to kiss her between her breast, making her giggle in delight. Taking off her shirt he again started from her neck and worked his way back down to her breast, than lower to her stomach, and finally down to her panties. With one last kiss on the top of her pantie line he bit the strap and started to pull them down. Arching herself so it would be easier for him to do so she looked back down to see Johnny holding her panties in his mouth, again this made her giggle.

“Were do you learn to do that?” She asked with a closed eye’s

After Johnny threw the panties down to the floor they found themselves again unsure of what to do. Setting up on her knees Sissy took hold of his erection, making him jump. Both started shaking nervously as she started to jack him off slowly. As Johnny started to play with her hair she got lower so she could began to lick the tip of his dick, making him let out a low growl. She started to let herself take him in more, and more as she slowly motioned her tongue to do circles around the tip. Johnny started to lean back as his hand rested on the back of Sissy’s head. She then picked up speed, now letting her tongue cup around his dick, with a hand around the bottom jerking with a circular motion,. Faster, and faster she went till Johnny let out a deep moan as he took her head a forced her to take his whole cock in a deep throat. Getting back up she wiped her mouth before Johnny pushed her down and took her legs on his shoulders. He began by kissing her pussy, next he ran his tongue as hard and deep as he cold though it, this sent shivers though Sissy as she bit down on her index finger. Setting her legs back down he rubbed his hand along her slit before pushing his index, and middle finger into her. Gripping the sheets she tried to stop herself from wanting to pull herself away from the sudden pleasure as Johnny hand started to go deeper into her pussy, his thumb rubbing the outside causing it to turn a light shade of red. Noticing this he removed his finger’s, and began to lick the clitoris, making her back arch as she let out a cry, pulling at the sheet as she used her other hand to take hold of his hair. Johnny was going by memory of what he seen from the Internet every lick, and suck was targeting a certain spot. After a few more licks he felt a tug on his hair. As he looked up, Sissy was motioning him to climb on top. She purred as he slowly did so, his breath hot on her skin .

As Johnny was laying on top of her he could still feel her shaking a little. Lightly kissing her he started to rub his dick on her pussy. She started to return the motion by lifting herself to match his thrust. She pulled him close so she could whisper in his ear “Make me yours…”with one last stroke he put the tip of his dick to her pussy, slowly pushing himself in. Sissy let out a gasp as he hit her Hymen, She heard it would hurt her first time, she heard all about it from the Birds and the Bee’s talk from her mother. But she was giving herself to the one she loved, and all the pain was worth it. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she tried to open her legs more for him to enter her better. Johnny started to push himself into her, again her breath was taken away. Slowly but study he was making his way deeper into her. The pain was sudden but quickly subsided with pleasure, as she dug her nails into his back, scratching him , the pain seeming to make him push harder. When he was sure she was now conferable he started to speed up, pumping faster as Sissy’s nails were now dug deep in his flesh , he could a swore he felt himself bleeding from it. Sissy couldn’t get a single yelp out, she was surprised by Johnny’s sudden burst of speed. She started to feel a pressure in her stomach, like she was going to explode.

“Johnny I’m going to…”

“I think I’m going to too!”

Grabbing her wrist Johnny gave one last thrust as did Sissy did so he could be as deep as possible. The two kissed one last time before Johnny rolled off of her. Sissy curled up next to her lover as she rested her head on his chest.

“Did you make a wish blowing out the candles?” Sissy asked.


“What did you wish for?”

“Trust me when I say it came true.”

Giving Johnny a seductive look Sissy got up and started walking to the door. “Were are you going? Your still naked.”

“I was going to take a shower.” Sissy said as she stepped out of the room. Johnny was about to just fall asleep when he heard Sissy call out “You coming?” Jumping out of his bed he sprinted for the door.

“This is the best Birthday ever!” He’s said to himself.

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